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Increased ACTL6A occupancy within mSWI/SNF chromatin remodelers drives human squamous cell carcinoma

Chang CY*, Shipony Z*, Lin SG, Kuo A, Xiong X, Loh KM, Greenleaf WJ, Crabtree GR (2021)

Molecular Cell, advance online publication PDF


Monolayer platform to generate and purify human primordial germ cells in vitro provides new insights into germline specification

Kang G*, Vijayakumar S*, Sala R, Chen A, Adebayo AI, Cipriano A, Fowler JF, Ang LT, Loh KM†, Sebastiano V† (2021)

Research Square, preprint PDF


Genome edited orthogonal safeguards to improve the safety of human pluripotent stem cell-based therapies

Martin RM*, Fowler JL*, Cromer MK, Lesch BJ, Ponce E, Uchida N, Wiebking V, Nishimura T, Porteus MH†, Loh KM† (2020)

Nature Communications 11: 2713 PDF


Spatially controlled stem cell differentiation via morphogen gradients: a comparison of static and dynamic microfluidic platforms

Cui KW*, Engel L*, Dundes CE, Nguyen TC, Loh KM, Dunn AR (2020)

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A 38: 033205 PDF


Antibody Conditioning Enables MHC-Mismatched Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplants and Organ Graft Tolerance

George BM, Kao KS, Kwon HS, Velasco BJ, Poyser J, Chen A, Le AC, Chhabra A, Burnett CE, Cajuste D, Hoover M, Loh KM, Shizuru JA, Weissman IL (2019)

Cell Stem Cell doi: 10.1016/j.stem.2019.05.018 PDF


Long-term ex vivo haematopoietic-stem-cell expansion allows nonconditioned transplantation

Wilkinson AC, Ishida R, Kikuchi M, Sudo K, Morita M, Crisostomo RV, Yamamoto R, Loh KM, Nakamura Y, Watanabe M, Nakauchi H, Yamazaki S (2019)

Nature doi:10.1038/s41586-019-1244-x PDF


A roadmap for human liver differentiation from pluripotent stem cells

Ang LT, Tan AKY, Autio MI, Goh SH, Choo S, Lee KL, Tan J, Pan B, Lee JJ, Lum JJ, Lim Y, Yeo K, Wong J, Oh L, Chia P, Chen A, Chen QF, Weissman IL, Loh KM†, Lim B† (2018)

Cell Reports 22, 2190-2205 PDF


Isolation and 3D expansion of multipotent Sox9+ mouse lung progenitors

Nichane M, Javed A, Sivakamasundari V, Ganesan M, Ang LT, Kraus P, Lufkin T, Loh KM†, Lim B† (2017)

Nature Methods 14, 1205-1212 PDF


Live imaging reveals that the first division of differentiating human embryonic stem cells often yields asymmetric fates

Brown K*, Loh KM*, Nusse R (2017)

Cell Reports 21: 301-307 PDF


Thirst-associated preoptic neurons encode an aversive motivational drive

Allen WE*, DeNardo LA*, Chen MZ*, Liu CD, Loh KM, Fenno LE, Ramakhrishnan C, Deisseroth K†, Luo L† (2017)

Science 357: 1149-1155 PDF


Mapping the pairwise choices leading from pluripotency to human bone, heart, and other mesoderm cell types

Loh KM*, Chen A*, Koh PW, Deng T, Sinha R, Tsai JM, Barkal AA, Shen KY, Jain R, Morganti RM, Ng SC, Fernhoff NB, George BM, Wernig G, Salomon RAE, Chen Z, Vogel H, Epstein JA, Kundaje A, Talbot WS, Beachy PA, Ang LT†, Weissman IL† (2016)

Cell 166: 451-67 PDF
Link to single-cell RNA-seq data


Inhibition of apoptosis overcomes stage-related compatibility barriers to chimera formation in mouse embryos

Masaki H, Kato-Itoh M, Umino A, Sato H, Ito K, Yanagida A, Hirabayashi M, Sasaki E, Yamaguchi T, Loh KM, Weissman IL, Nakauchi H (2016)

Cell Stem Cell 19: 587-592 PDF


An atlas of transcriptional, chromatin accessibility, and surface marker changes in human mesoderm development

Koh PW*, Sinha R*, Barkal AA, Morganti RM, Chen A, Weissman IL†, Ang LT†, Kundaje A†, Loh KM† (2016)

Scientific Data 3: 160109 PDF


Reprogramming mouse fibroblasts into engraftable myeloerythroid and lymphoid progenitors: induction and underlying mechanisms

Hui C, Ang HYK, Farran CAEL, Li P, Fang H, Liu T, Kong SL, Chin ML, Lim EKH, Li H, Huber H, Loh KM, Loh YH, Lim B (2016)

Nature Communications 7: 13396 PDF


Efficient endoderm induction from human pluripotent stem cells by logically directing signals controlling lineage bifurcations

Loh KM*, Ang LT*, Zhang J**, Kumar V**, Ang J, Auyeong JQ, Lee KL, Choo SH, Lim CYY, Nichane M, Tan J, Noghabi MS, Azzola L, Ng ES, Durruthy-Durruthy J, Sebastiano V, Poellinger L, Elefanty AG, Stanley EG, Chen Q, Prabhakar S, Weissman IL, Lim B (2014)

Cell Stem Cell 14: 237-52 PDF


Rapid and efficient conversion of integration-free human induced pluripotent stem cells to GMP-grade culture conditions.

Durruthy-Durruthy J, Briggs SF, Awe J, Ramathal CY, Karumbayaram S, Lee PC, Heidmann JD, Clark A, Karakikes I, Loh KM, Wu JC, Hoffman AR, Byrne J, Reijo Pera RA, Sebastiano V (2014)

PLoS ONE 9: e94231 PDF


Bridging naïve and primed pluripotency

Dundes CD & Loh KM (2020)

Nature Cell Biology: advance online publication (News & Views) PDF


A critical look: Challenges in differentiating human pluripotent stem cells into desired cell types and organoids

Fowler JL, Ang LT, Loh KM (2019)

Wiley Interdiscip Rev Dev Biol: e368 (Review) PDF


Obliterating obstacles to an odyssey

Nichane M, Loh KM (2018)

Cell Stem Cell 23: 313-15 (Preview) PDF


Evaluating the regenerative potential and functionality of human liver cells in mice

Tan AKY, Loh KM, Ang LT (2017)

Differentiation 98: 25-34 (Review) PDF


Generating spatial form and cellular diversity: Wnt signaling and the evolution of multicellular animals

Loh KM*, van Amerongen R*, Nusse R (2016)

Developmental Cell 38: 643-655 (Perspective) PDF


Ex uno plures: molecular designs for embryonic pluripotency

Loh KM, Lim B, Ang LT (2015)

Physiological Reviews 95: 245-295 (Review) PDF


Equilibrium established

Loh KM and Lim B (2015)

Nature 521: 299-300 (Preview) PDF


An integral program for tissue renewal and regeneration: Wnt signaling and stem cell control

Clevers H, Loh KM, Nusse R (2014)

Science 346: 1248012 (Review) PDF


Differentiation of trophoblast cells from human embryonic stem cells: to be or not to be? 

Roberts RM, Loh KM, Amita M, Bernardo AS, Adachi K, Alexenko AP, Schust DJ, Schulz LC, Telugu BP, Ezashi T, Pedersen RA (2014)

Reproduction 147: D1-D12 (Perspective) PDF


Close encounters with full potential

Loh KM and Lim B (2013)

Nature 502: 41-42 (Preview) PDF


Rejuvenating Tithonus

Loh KM and Lim B (2013)

EMBO Reports 14: 583-4 (Preview) PDF


Investigating the bona fide differentiation capacity of human pluripotent stem cells

Heng DJC, Loh KM, Ng HH (2012)

Cell Research 22: 6-8 (Preview) PDF


Actors in the cell reprogramming drama

Loh KM and Lim B (2012)

Nature 488: 599-600 (Preview) PDF


A precarious balance: pluripotency factors as lineage specifiers 

Loh KM and Lim B (2011)

Cell Stem Cell 8: 363-9 (Perspective) PDF


Recreating pluripotency? 

Loh KM and Lim B (2010)

Cell Stem Cell 7: 137-9 (Preview) PDF